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   Anti Dog Legislation across Texas is making it increasing difficult for Hobby Breeders and has recently reared it's head it my area.  I've included the following definition of Hobby Breeder.  This defines who I am and what I do.  Yes, Texas I am a Hobby Breeder and proud of it!!

Hobby Breeder:   people who have a passion for a particular breed(s). They show their dogs in AKC or UKC events, they research everything they possibly can about their chosen breed. They are life-long students of the breed. They are members of their breed's parent club, and often local breed or all-breed kennel club members.  If they breed, it is to better the breed, not the pay the bills, not because they have some intact dogs.

Breedings are only done with parents who have been health checked (with OFA and CERF clearances & any other clearances suitable for their breed), of good character and are excellent representatives of their breed. Puppies are raised underfoot, in the home, and extensively socialized. Prospective owners are extensively interviewed before they're allowed to purchase a puppy. Puppies are sold on contract with guarantees. This type of breeder will not sell to anyone who wants a dog and has a credit card. Impulse buyers are not accommodated by the serious hobby breeder  Puppies are not sold to brokers, third parties or pet shops.  You won't find puppies from these breeders at many of the internet puppy sites. You may find they have private web sites, advertise locally or in their breed club's newsletter. Many times you will be referred to these breeders via word of mouth - from other people also involved in the breed.

These responsible breeders feel an obligation towards the dogs they breed -- from cradle to grave. They will always take a dog of their breeding back - they do not breed dogs that will end up in shelters. To help insure this, puppies are permanently identified with tattoos or microchips. Many hobby breeders are also active in rescue for their chosen breed(s). Hobby Breeders spend a lot of time on the phone with their puppy people, answering questions and giving advice. Responsible hobby breeders sell companion (non-show or breeding prospects) puppies on limited registrations and those pups are expected (and contractually bound) to be spayed/neutered. Show or breeding prospects are usually only sold on co-ownerships (to help insure that if they are bred, it is with the same attention to quality). 

Most responsible Hobby Breeders don't have a lot of dogs/cats -- and many don't even have kennels. They don't breed their bitches on every season, many times their prize champion bitches are only bred 1, 2 or perhaps 3 times in their life! These breeders are prepared to keep puppies for as long as it takes until a suitable home comes along. Many will not breed more than 1-2 litters a year. Stud dogs are not available to anyone with a willing female; the same standards of quality are required. 

The dogs live in the home, as family members.  Dogs are not warehoused in kennel runs or crates 24/7. All receive a quality diet, individual attention, exercise, grooming and of course veterinary care



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